Is Singapore A Democracy?

28 September 2002

Define a true democracy:

Democracy is based on the principle of equality for all, where every person has an equal right to an equal vote. Given the fact that it is rule of the masses, it is hoped that the people will vote wisely for credible leaders who will rule (during their terms in office) based on the principles of justice, equality and love.

Define a typical communist government:

A government claiming to profess the principles of strict equality amongst all persons BUT such a government is usually a dictatorship with authoritarian leaders who rise to power by revolution, not by elections. Communist leaders usually use brutal power to uphold their positions of power. There is usually only one political party and the opposition is constantly penalised and crippled. George Orwell said it well: All are equal, just that some are more equal then others.

Define the Singaporean (so called) democracy.

An authoritarian nanny state where the leaders state that true elections are not necessary because the average Singaporean is fickle, immature and irresponsible in judgment. In Singapore elections are mostly just ceremonial public holidays because with the opposition crippled and having employed unfair GRC system of elections, more then 70% of all Singaporeans do not need to vote in the 5 yearly walkover elections. The opposition is frequently inconvenienced and penalised and the government frowns upon freedom of speech.

Is Singapore a democracy? You decide.

Singaporean betrayed

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