Whats the truth about the Indonesian loan?

28 September 2002

Dr Chee,

It is with great courage that I am writing to you. Firstly, let me applaud you guys for your great efforts into motivaing Singaporeans to move ahead and towards a democratic environment.

I am deeply concerned with you comments on the alleged $17-billion loan to the former Indonesia president. May I know how and where have you learned about this? I strongly believed that a person who possesses doctorate would not make such a false claim to gain political ground. I also observed that following this comment during the last election, there seems to be many newly formed policies that are in favour of your claim (eg. CPF changes, tax increase etc).

Lastly, I hope that you will not be disappointed by the last election results. I gradually realised over the years that there is a growing number of opposition supporters in Singapore. The main problem that they are facing is the opportunity to cast a vote during election prior to the GRC system which was strategically formed to keep the PAP strong. Te results that are projected does not speak fairly. Continue to keep up your good work.


The matter is still before the courts and Dr Chee is desperately fighting the matter so that the facts can be presented in court. As such, it would not be proper to discuss this matter at the moment.

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