Singapore should support Taiwan and not China

4 October 2002

Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew recently visited the Republic Of China (Taiwan) and mainland China. I wonder how well Mr. Lee knows these two countries and their leaders.

We all know that “The Founder & Builder of China” was the late Dr. Sun Yat Sen (1866-1925) who succeeded in declaring China independent from Ching Dynasty under Manchuria. Dr. Sun was elected as the first president of the new republic by delegates from 16 of 17 provinces gathered in Nanjing city on 29 December 1911. Dr. Sun was inaugurated on 1 January 1912, the founding day of a new nation, the Republic Of China.

However, a civil war broke out between the government and rebels/ terrorists of the Communist Party of China which lasted for 35 years. The government lost and moved to Taiwan without changing the name of country. The terrorists and their dictatorship claimed their founding date of the country on 1 October 1949.

Tell me, who is the traitor of Dr. Sun?

Dr. Sun denied the inevitability of communism in China. He also reiterated this point in a joint declaration statement issued with Soviet envoy, Mr. Adolf Joffe, in 1923 which stated clearly that the communist system was NOT suitable for China. Dr. Sun died of illness on 12 March 1925 at the age of 59 in Peking, China.

The fact is that the founding date of the Republic Of China is 1 January 1912 and the founding date of mainland China mainland is 1 October 1949 a difference of 37 years.

Therefore, I cannot understand why the Singapore government cannot help and support a free and democratic country like Republic Of China in Taiwan gain entry into the United Nations and other organisations, and also establish proper diplomatic relations with it?

Just think, Singapore government cannot afford to have diplomatic relations with the Republic Of China, a freedom country in Asia, yet can have a diplomatic relations with China, which is controlled by the Communist Party of China. This is the biggest joke in this 21st century.

If the government of Singapore is blindly supportive of the People’s Republic of China and allow them to claim the Taiwan island by force one day, I am sure that similar story will happen again to another country. Consider this: Can the British claim back the US or Canada, or Indonesia reclaim East Timor, Malaysia reclaim Singapore, or India reclaim Pakistan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka?

If a strong country in Asia like Singapore cannot give a hand to the government of Republic Of China in Taiwan, who else would dare to so? I do not believe the way Mr. Lee Kuan Yew is treating the government of Republic of China in Taiwan is right. Mr. Lee is a NOT strong man in Asia anymore. Do you believe the market in China can help Singapore to survive for another 50 years? Remember, China is Singapores industrial competitor.


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