Catholic Bishop would be guilty of crime in Singapore

It was reported in the Straits Times (see below) that Hong Kongs Bishop Joseph Zen is vehemently opposed to his governments proposed anti-subversion law (the citys version of the our ISA).

He is reported to have said that he was prepared to go to jail for disobeying any law he felt was unjust.

This is yet another example of how people all over the world who believe in democracy, justice and human rights are opposing authoritarian governments by defying unjust laws.

According to the PAP and its supporters, what Dr Chee Soon Juan and Mr Gandhi Ambalam are doing is criminal and therefore immoral. Would anyone wish to conclude that Bishop Joseph Zen is also immoral and that he is a common criminal?

The Singapore government has charged that Dr Chee and Mr Ambalam, by their actions, have posed a “threat to law and order”. Meanwhile, Beijing has accused that Bishop Zens protests will “provoke unrest”.

At least in China, they openly acknowledge that they dont believe in democracy

HK bishop accused of provoking unrest
Straits Times (OCT 7, 2002)

HONGKONG – Local Beijing supporters have accused Hongkong’s new Catholic leader of provoking public unrest with his fiery criticisms of an anti-subversion law proposed recently by the government.

In a radio interview on Saturday, outspoken Bishop Joseph Zen said the proposed legislation would harm Hongkong’s autonomy, which was guaranteed for 50 years under an arrangement dubbed ‘one country, two systems’ when the territory returned to China in 1997.

He also said he would follow his conscience and was prepared to go to jail for disobeying any law he felt was unjust.

Hitting back at the bishop, Mr Yeung Yiu Chung, a local deputy in the Chinese National People’s Congress, said his remarks would only intensify social conflict and lead to chaos, the Wen Wei Po newspaper reported yesterday.

Bishop Zen has accused pro-Beijing politicians of shoe-shining the Chinese government and interfering in Hongkong’s affairs. –AP

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