George Soros is a hypocrite

10 October 2002

I write, requesting the article on Geogre Soros to be removed from your website. I have not read the article and am making my judgment based on Soros’ professional profile.

He was the guy who crushed Thailand’s stock market in the 1998 and later brought the downpour of Asia economy that has yet to fully recover. Not only this, he has played a major role in the economic, social and political repression of South America.

He might write articles that sound socialist but to me he is just a hypocrite. I hope you understand that Capitalism plays major part in repressing democracy in today’s global situation and he is one of those who reaps profit out of others’ misery.

I hope you look into this matter and justify your democratic intention by not only checking on PAP’s power but also on those who exploit economic profits against Humanity.


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