No place for Chee in Singapore

10 October 2002

I cannot help but wonder what Dr Chee is trying to prove. Dr Chee is notorious for getting into trouble with the law in his attempts to ‘bring democracy to singapore’. What it seems to me and many Singaporeans is that Dr Chee is more concern about building up his own fame and reputation as being seen as a fervent democratic fighter on the pretext of bringing democracy in Singapore.

Can a politician who gets into trouble with the law time and again gain respect from the public? Or can one, who for the sake of gaining votes in the elections defame the prime minister and deceive the public by telling a downright malicious lie about a 17 billion dollars loan and apologises the next minute about it expect to gain the support of the people and get into parliament. Where is your credibility and integrity Dr Chee?

Although Dr Chee can argue that in our society, freedom of speech is restricted, (which I agree completely) and the only way he can get his message across is through illegally-held speeches and rallys, the question I have is how successful has his attempts been? What I see is a man getting into trouble with the law time and again, marring his own reputation, being on the verge of bankruptcy and yet with contributions no more than any other opposition members in the past decade in the political scene.

What we need are changes, radical changes to our country’s system, not a liar taking issues to the streets illegally, defaming national leaders, and being arrested time and again all in the name of democracy. Dr Chee, perhaps you should wake up and repent of what you are and have been doing. Otherwise, Singapore has no place for you and you know that better than anyone else.

D. Huang

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