So Sorry

11 October 2002

Dear Dr Chee and Mr Ghandi,

I’m so sorry for the way our country is treating you, it is completely unjustified. I really feel the our country don’t deserve people like you, you’re too good for us.

Majority of singaporean are still ignorant of the democratic process, they are not aware of their rights, that’s why they can’t understand or appreciate what you are doing. I understand your intentions and I think they are very admirable. I admire all these people too (Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, and Kim Dae Jung) and what they have done for their people.

But I think there is a significant difference between your situtation and their’s. They were fighting for the rights of their people who wanted their rights to vote. That’s why they had the support of those people. You are fighting for the rights of the people who already have their rights to vote, but don’t know how to excerise them (out of ignorant), that’s why you don’t have the full support of those people. What they don’t know, they don’t want.

Perhaps, you may consider a different approach, instead of confrontation, how about education. Educate the people about their democratic rights, the right to choose. The people always complain about these or that policy, but they don’t know that they can fire those people from paliament. The people still thinks that MP & ministers are high and mightly, untouchables. They still don’t realise that it’s the people who select and hire and pay all the MP & Ministers. And if the people are unhappy with their performance, they can fire them.

The people still leave their thinking to the government. And of course, we know how the government wants the people to think. We have to educate the people that they are the masters of their own future.

Thanks again for your struggle for the people. Sorry again for our gnorant.


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