Freedom for Democracy in Singapore

It is with great concern that the International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY) follows the continuous denial of freedom of some of Singapore’s democratic leaders. The IFLRY Bureau strongly condemns the arrogant attitude of the Singapore regime, expressed through the imprisonment of Dr. Chee Soon Juan and Mr. Ghandi Amablam, leaders of the Singapore Democratic Party. There is no justification for legislation that denies people one of their basic human rights – the right of freedom and free expression.

Expressing our support to the democracy fighters in Singapore and to our
colleagues from the Young Democrats and the Democratic Party, IFLRY stresses that no democracy can be recognised and supported if human rights are being suppressed. A society with economical liberty but political repression is nothing but totalitarian governance, a force that liberals and democrats have always been fighting against.

Is it a crime to express one’s own opinion? Is it a crime to organise a public debate? Is it a crime to present arguments to citizens and abide by the essential principles of democracy? Only undemocratic governments would shamefully agree. One of them is the Singapore government lead by the PAP. Culture and tradition must never be used for such governance, anywhere in the world.

IFLRY reiterates its call for democracy in Singapore and throughout Asia, and appeals to the whole international community, all open and democratic
forces world wide, and liberals across the globe to jointly express their
disagreement with the undemocratic and unconstitutional governance in
Singapore. The freedom of the citizens must be guaranteed.

Freedom of individuals, respect for human rights and democratic rule of law are universal and must be guaranteed. IFLRY and its members are firmly committed to building a world where these principles will be applied to all of humanity.

Brussels, October 10th, 2002

For further information please contact:
Emil Kirjas
IFLRY President
Or the IFLRY Secretariat

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