A Letter for Dr Chee

15 October 2002

Dear Dr Chee,

I’m touched to hear that although you have a chance to pay fine, you choose jail. You don’t mind losing your freedom in prison to let the outside world understand the PAP more.

Just like the weather, the political system here changed little for the past 42 years. Recently, the Eldershield was rejected by 33 percent of the population 40 years and above and that naturally reminded me of the people who voted for the oppositions during elections.

Maybe the money received from the NSS is used for paying the Eldershield. I would like to tell you that a growing number of people are beginning to do what is best for them. I read about the SIA pilots negotiating with SIA. I read about the 13 volunteers at Consumer Association quit their jobs.

People voted for the PAP in 2001, hoping that the government would lighten their loads during the recession and create more jobs for them, now they are repaid in the form of more and more price hikes.

When a person loses his job, has housing loan to pay, has a few kids to support, not only he has to cut his expenses, but at the same time has to pay all those price hikes.

Even those who get to stay on the job have to work extra hard with a wage freeze. When there’s a wage freeze, where do they get the extra money to pay those government linked companies and government organisations?

R. F.

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