Fellow Democrats in Asia & Europe to Condemn Jailing of Dr Chee

The jailing of Dr Chee Soon Juan for trying to hold a May Day rally in front of the Istana is expected to feature prominently at a conference of Asian and European liberals and democrats in Seoul, South Korea.

The three-day conference, which begins on Wednesday (30 Oct), in the Korean capital by the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD) and the European Liberals and Democrats (ELDR), will focus on the theme “Common Challenges for Liberals and Democrats in Asia and Europe”.

A resolution, expressing support for Dr Chee and the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) in their relentless struggle to bring about democracy and freedom of speech in Singapore is being planned jointly by the Asian and European delegates to the conference.

The delegates will also call on President Kim Dae Jung for a formal meeting with the Korean leader.

Mr Gandhi Ambalam, a CEC member and head of SDP’s Public Relations and International Affairs, will represent the SDP at the Seoul conference. Mr Gandhi and Dr Chee were jailed on October 9 when they refused to pay fines imposed by a district court for ‘offences’ committed outside the Istana on May Day this year. Mr Gandhi was later released after his family members paid the fine, expressing concern over his medical condition.

Dr Chee is expected to be released from the Queenstowen Remand Prison on November 9.

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