I Disagree

7 November 2002

I would like to respond to the forum about Singapore ranking fifty in the best cities of the world.

The author annouce that Singapore is nowhere near the top best cities. Kindly take a look at the following…

1. Vancouver, Canada
3. Perth, Australia
4. (tie) Vienna, Austria
4. Toronto, Canada
4. Geneva, Switzerland
4. Zurich, Switzerland
8. (tie) Adelaide, Australia
8. Brisbane, Australia
8. Sydney,Australia
8. Copenhagen, Denmark
8. Dusseldorf, Germany
8. Frankfurt, Germany
8. Oslo, Norway
8. Montreal, Canada
16. (tie) Calgary, Canada
16. Helsinki, Finland
16. Stockholm, Sweden
19. (tie) Berlin, Germany
19. Amsterdam, Netherlands
21. (tie) Tokyo, Japan
21. Osaka, Japan

As you can see, the top best cities belong in countries which are reowned for their serenic beauty.

This are places where tourist hop on for their sight-seeings. The climate is cool and very ideal for living in. Compare Singapore’s climate and natural attractions to theirs. Well, we all know that Singapore pales in comparison.

HOWEVER!!! Despite the fact over our disadvantageous position, the fact that Singapore manages to tide over her shortcomings and ranks fifty in the world( IF that is true…) is a miraculous achievement!!! The fact, that the govt. used the art of education and technology to make life for Singaporeans as every bit as interesting and convenient as those advanced countries is unimaginable, and a rare accomplishment.

The writer states that the Singaporeans do not live the same standard of living as those advance countries is absurd. I dare to challenge the author of saying that life here in Singapore is suffering.

MRTs, LRTs, Cinemas, Sentosa, Good Road networks, Skysrapers, Restaurants, Shopping malls, and hawker centres, cars… What more, or how much more can Singaporeans asked for??? What we need is hard work, and a gd and creative govt. to accomplish all that. Our currency is higher than Japan and Hongkong and many others.

The way the writer depicts our PAP govt., is an unfair insult and complete ingratitude to our nation leaders and fore fathers who undertake untold hardships to create the Singapore of today, from the ashes of nothing.

The way the writer labels the govt, depicts it as if it is an totalitarian monarch who is incapable of leading the nation, is very unfair.


If it is so undemocratic,how is it possible for people to cast their ballots during elections. How then are opposition leaders able to stage mass rallies during elections.

AND… How then is it possible to achieve the Singapore of today.

If it is the writer’s objective of inciting public outrage by means of exaggerated bluffs, than I will go all out to oppose it.

If the writer main intent is to allow MORE room for democracy, and a MORE relaxed system of governance by the PAP, than I will go all out to support is. And I MEAN IT.

Why do opposition members get sued and prosecuted???

The paramount reason is because they are inexperienced with the art of politics. They speak faster than their brains can react. They are rash, probably too carried off by the masses fervour, and they ended up with severe penalties. Yes, politics is cruel. It’s a well-knowned fact.

The main purpose of staging public rallies and speeches and getting elected is the first test for you to see if you’re fit to enter the leadership career. THAT, is the true wonderful benefits of democracy. It rectify things. It test your courage, your perserverance, your eloquence, and most important, your tactfulness and cunning.

People who blare all up and getting punished at the end is not fit to be in the political career. WHY??? They had already failed their first test.

The only thing I find admirable about JBJ and Dr Chee are perserverance and the never say die spirit. Unfortunately, their empty bravado is going to get them nowhere.

Remember, this is not HITLER’s era, where chilvary can inspire the audience. This is Singapore, where the people here are educated and rational.

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