Asian Youth To Help Build Democracy

Young liberals and democrats from all over Asia met in the Philippines in September this year in a conference organised by the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD) to discuss the role of youth in the development of democracy in the region. Below is the resolution that was adopted by the participants which included Ms Fernus Lim, who represent the SDPs Young Democrats.

Realising that the youth of today plays an important role in the present well-being and future development of our nations;

Believing that freedom is essential for the development of all human persons;

Affirming that respect for human rights and the rule of law is a basic foundation for peace and prosperity;

Recognising that corruption and misuse of national resources hinders the development of our countries;

Recognising that many young people of our nations are not concerned with and directly involved in party politics and national political processes;

Emphasising the importance of youth in the development of Asian societies and the entire continent;

Believing that the issues and problems of Asian youth could be effectively addressed through cooperation and efforts at the regional level;

WE, the participants of the CALD Young Leaders Workshop, Philippines, September 22-28, 2002, hereby resolve:

1. to establish a network and movement of youths for the realisation of liberal ideals and democratic principles in Asia through cooperation and dialogue;

2. to commit to the establishment of a regional youth organisation known as the Young Liberals and Democrats of Asia (YLDA), and to adopt the working plan towards the establishment of the YLDA as set out in Annexure I hereof;

3. to develop successful liberal and democratic youth organisations in our respective countries;

4. to emphasise the importance of a holistic and progressive education policy in the development of vibrant and democratic societies;

5. to raise social and political awareness and promote liberal values amongst the youth of Asia through dialogues, fora and workshops;

6. to work towards greater understanding amongst peoples, the eradication of poverty and promote a culture of peace to address the root causes of terrorism;

7. to demand for accountability, transparency and good governance, and promote moral politics in our respective countries; and

8. to advocate changes within our own political parties to address the issues and concerns of the youth.

Unanimously adopted by the participants of the CALD Young Leaders Workshop on 27 September 2002, Baguio City, Philippines.

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