27 December 2002

Intended readership: The general public who are not aware of their loss of freedom or are afraid to vote their will.

If you seriously believe that the current state of Singapore is democratic, you either have a bad vocabulary or you’ve finally been tricked by all the propaganda that’s going on.

The entry “democracy” in the Webster’s unabridged dictionary explains: “Government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is retained and directly exercised by the people.”

Considering the fact that Singapore has endless number of restrictions to political activities, a hyperactive ISD and the fear among us fellow Singaporeans, the propaganda of Singapore being democratic is merely a tool to maintain the PAP’s tight grip over you.

The Japanese did this long ago by sealing the radios of citizens. PAP is now doing this by mandating Internet service providers install Internet proxy servers (electronic internet barriers) which blocks out unsuitable content.

Will political content ever get blocked out? Will the government use these proxy servers to track what people’s views online, with the potential use of changing the web content seen by Singaporeans?

It seems that PAP’s propaganda of a democratic society will go on with millions of Singaporeans not realizing how far this has reached.

Have you ever wondered, with local television programs becoming more prevalent, how this would affect the population especially our young? How will some of these programs intended for children affect them? Have you ever pondered that whenever you switch on the television for your children to enjoy, that television is essentially a tool used by advertisers? How about the PAP? Does National Education ring a bell?

Singaporeans have a subconcious fear of the Government, for they, like hypnotized zombies, vote for the PAP election after election, and believing every word the PAP says. In their minds, the phrase “if you don’t vote pap, something bad happens to you, your family…” never ceases to exist.

If you’re a “stayer”, you must fight (or at least vote…) for the best for your country. If not, you’ll probably see this country of ours being constantly pressed down with rules which strips the people of their freedom to vote, voice their concerns and suggestions, and get politically involved.

It is clear that PAP wants control. But the questions remain: What is the main reason behind this? Why is it so bent on maintaining this control?

The truth may be more frightening than what the people think.


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