Gimmicks won’t help economy

3 January 2003

The politically bankrupt PAP is struggling feverishly to salvage its lopsided economic policies that are increasingly defying any solution.

With a view to continue its archaic economic policies that showed results in the past, the PAP is bent on not wanting to change course for fear of losing the power it had come to enjoy over the last 43 years of its authoritarian rule.

The PAP’s inability to extricate the country from the present chronic economic recession and burgeoning unemployment is taking a heavy toll on the hapless people.

But instead of alleviating the sufferings of the people, the exploitative PAP is resorting to propaganda gimmicks to distract Singaporeans who are increasingly becoming despondent.

The latest move to ‘attract talent’ through newspaper and magazine advertisements in London and the US is part of its futile attempt to sidetrack the real issues.

Before it takes its propaganda ploy of offering ‘a world of possibilities’ in Singapore for foreigners by these advertisements, the PAP should ponder over the plight of Singaporeans who are burdened with increased cost of living and an uncertain job market.

How to woo the ‘best brains in the world’ to Singapore where its own people are squeezed to the hilt by the PAP elitists who don’t believe in creativity and innovation?


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