JBJ’s Press Statement

While peace loving citizens worldwide gather in millions in cities across the globe to voice their opposition to the US unilaterally going to war with Iraq, our government’s answer is to arrest a handful of our citizens who had gone to the US Embassy to add their voice to millions others.

There was a demonstration even in Johor Bahru with the police standing by to prevent any trouble.

Is this action a signal from our government that it will support the Bush-Blair coalition if they decide to invade Iraq whatever the UN Security Council may say and will give whatever assistance it can?

If it is, the government should say so publicly and plainly without trying to hide its intention. Then at least it will have the merit of courage – that it is prepared to risk its ties with other ASEAN countries who have publicly declared their opposition to such a war.

Or is it that our government has no foreign policy other then to toady Bush.

Will the government make its stand clear.

J B Jeyaretnam
17th February 2003

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