Canadian senator supports democracy building in Singapore

February 26, 2003

Dr. Chee Soon Juan
1357A Serangoon Road
Singapore 328240

Dear Dr. Chee,

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet you on February 18, 2003. You provided me with great insight into the challenges that democracy presently faces in Singapore. I thank you for putting me on your itinerary.

I shall attempt to press the government of Canada to encourage the government of Singapore to promote democracy and basic human rights in your country. Also, your project, which involves inviting Parliamentarians from around the world to a conference in Singapore, sounds very interesting and promising. Please do not hesitate to contact my legislative assistant, Peter Stieda, to help identify members of Parliament in Canada who may be interested in participating at the conference. Also, I look forward to hearing from you concerning any matter that you feel should be brought to my attention.

Sincerely Yours,

Raynell Andreychuk, Senator
575-F, Centre Block
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A4
Tel: (613)947-2239
Fax: (613)947-2241

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