Disneyland comes to Singapore

“It’s a Disneyland concept. When you queue up for Disney attractions, they will always say 45-minute queue …So when they actually are able to clear the queue in 30 minutes, you feel very happy. So likewise the first MRT line, Mr Sim Kee Boon, very wisely said so – instead of saying five years, I think he said 6 years. So when it was opened in 5 years, ‘oh we are ahead of schedule!”
– Khaw Boon Wan, Acting Minister for Transport, on how to manage public expectations, CNA, Apr 2, 2003

“Singapore is a relentlessly G-rated experience, micromanaged by a state that has the look and feel of a very large corporation…An affluent microcosm whose citizens inhabit something that feels like, well, Disneyland. Disneyland with the death penalty.”
– Author William Gibson, 1993
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