OSC applies for permit to march on May Day

The Open Singapore Centre (OSC) has applied for a permit to hold a march on May Day 2003. As Singapore continues to undergo a prolonged recession, the Government continues to increase prices if goods and services, the latest being the increase in electricity rates of up to 17 percent.

While workers continue to be retrenched in alarming numbers, the PAP refuses to provide any safety nets to help them ease their pain and hardship, OSC Chairman Mr J B Jeyaretnam said.

The Prime Minister has even gone to the extent of mocking these unfortunate Singaporeans by saying the retrenchments may not be a bad thing. This insensitive remark is a clear signal that the Government either refuses to care or is incapable of doing so for the very people that helped to build up the country.

To top it off the Government has offered no new direction for the Singapores economy despite spending much resource on the Economic Restructuring Committee.

OSC Director Dr Chee Soon Juan said, The OSC is organizing this march to highlight the plight of workers. The working poor in Singapore must be given a voice.

The OSC has applied for the march to take place starting at the Ministry of Manpower and ending in front of Parliament House where a rally will take place. The event would start at 5 pm that day.

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