SPH threatens to sue American writer

The Singapore Pres Holdings (SPH) has threatened to sue Mr John Harding, a US citizen, for writing comments about Dr Goh Jin Hian, son of Mr Goh Chok Tong. The SPH has accused Mr Harding of making allegedly defamatory remarks over an article published recently in the Straits Times which mentioned Dr Goh Jin Hian.

Among other things the SPH has said that Mr Harding has accused the company of being unprofessional and lack(ing) journalistic integrity and that it practised political favouritism.

The SPH is asking for the usual apology and damages. Mr Harding has refused to apologise and says that he will countersue if SPH proceeds with the lawsuit.

The funny thing is that the Straits Times has not published any of this.

The SPH has also refused to publish news that Mr Lee Kuan Yew recently suffered a legal setback in a Canadian court. Mr Lee had sued former President, Mr Devan Nair, in Canada. When Mr Nair countersued the Senior Minister, Mr Lee asked the court to strike out Mr Devan Nair’s countersuit.

The Canadian judge flatly refused, chiding Mr Lee that his “action is being brought in a country which prides itself in allowing freedom of political expression.”

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