Latest issue of The New Democrat on sale

The latest edition of The New Democrat is now on sale. Singapore Democrats have been pounding the streets, MRT stations, hawker centres and HDB estates everyday selling the newspaper.

Although sales are brisk, the circulation is limited as newspaper vendors are still prohibited from selling The New Democrat.

In this latest edition, the paper carries news on Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s legal setback in Canada against former President Devan Nair (which was completely blacked out by the local media). Other pieces include the PAP’s bungling of our economy and photograhic evidence of beggars and the poor on Singapore’s streets in response to the Senior Minister’s boast: “You go down New York, Broadway, You will see the beggars, people of the streets…Where are the beggars in Singapore? Show me. I take pride in that.”

You can get a copy of The New Democrat from 1357A Serangoon Road or email

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