Porno less “undesirable” than democracy

With the world’s media reporting on the Singapore Democrats website being taken over and replaced with “undesirable” (PAP lingo) material, it is instructive that the Singapore Government has still not taken steps to remove, or at least block, the pornographic website.

The newswires, such as Reuters and DPA, Sydney Morning Herald, and even CNN have all reported on the matter. Yet, when one types in SDP’s old website address, the pornographic material still pops up.

Maybe its because the PAP does not monitor what goes on in the Internet? Yes, and beetles don’t like dung. Remember Zulfikar Mohammad and Robert Ho? The police pounced on them quicker than they could type Ho Ching – causing the two Internet activists to take the nearest exit out of the island. (By the way, whatever happened to the investigation the police said they were conducting into alleged acts of criminal defamation by Zul and Ho? Our men-in-blue carted away the computers of the two netizens.)Even Bloomberg got into a spot of bother with our dear leaders when it published material on the Lee family over the Internet.

Remember also that the SDP’s website was hijacked months ago and that the party had made an announcement about the incident.

So why does the Government not act with the kind of efficiency and speed that it keeps telling the world it possesses? Perhaps it’s because porno is less “undesirable” than political information and democratic debate.

We do live in this funny little system that the PAP has created, don’t we?

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