What kind of party is the SDP?

20 June 2003

Ever since I had broadband Internet, I saw you website and started seriously to read the contents. Your website portrays a very negative side of our PAP government. While I dont really mind it, I suppose its kind of healthy since our 2 state-owned media companies, constantly portray our leaders in a good manner, your website has given me the right balance of my political view of our government.

I couldn’t agree more with your party’s stance on democratic and human rights issues in S’pore.
I’m writing to you not to discuss all these, at least for now. Instead, I have a question: the party portrays itself as a liberal party. Define for me the kind of liberal party you are. Are you all the same kind of liberal democrats as many (not all though) of those in the United States who want to impose gun-control in the name of fighting crime?

Are you all the same as those liberals who are environmental extremist, and those who want to impose a welfare state? I hope not, because I strongly believe that every law-abiding citizens in the United States should have the right to keep and bear arms according to the 2nd Amendment in their constitution passed down by their founding fathers.

I share the same belief as their forefathers that the only way to protect the civil liberties as guaranteed in the 1st Amendment, is to arm the citizens so they may protect themselves against oppressive leaders. Do you believe tat kind of cause? Or are all the same kind of those liberals as I describe earlier?


SDP: The Singapore Democrats clearly spell out its policies in its various publications as well as on this website. Based on these policies, readers make up their own minds about what kind of party the SDP is. The SDP feels that it is more helpful to understand policies that various parties advocate and, more importantly, that these policies are debated and that citizens have a say in shaping these policies (and the policy-making process) before they are implemented.

As for gun laws in the United States, they are best debated and decided by Americans who understand their own political and historical culture better than anyone else.

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