SDP conference to encourage democratic youth

Ms Lee Ching Wern of TODAY has contacted the Singapore Democrats and indicated that the newspaper wants to report on the youth conference that is being organized later this month. Below is the SDPs response to Ms Lee.

The International Youth Conference for Democracy will be held on 25-27 July 2003. Delegates from youth organizations from all over the world have been invited to participate.

On 26 July 2003, the conference will be open to the public and youths and students are encouraged to attend and participate in the discussions of topics related to democracy, human rights, the role of youth in bringing about political change, getting young people elected into office, Asian values, regional and international cooperation for democratic youth, etc.

The Singapore Democrats have applied for a police permit for 26 July two weeks ago and are still awaiting a reply.

The programme on 26 July will commence at 8:30 am and run till 6 pm with plenary and small-group sessions taking place. Singaporeans below 35 years are encouraged to attend although the event is also open to individuals who are above 35.

The aim of the conference is to continue the effort of providing opportunity for young leaders to come together to share and explore ways of how they can become more involved in world politics. It will also be a rare opportunity for youths in Singapore to interact with the overseas participants and to discuss how young Singaporeans can make a greater impact on the political process in this country.

Such a conference is the first of its kind to be held in Singapore and it will signal a change in the way politics will be conducted in Singapore where young Singaporeans will not just be seen but also heard.

The Singapore Democrats believe that more political investment should be placed in youth especially in Singapore because they are going to be the agents of change in the not-too-distant future. Accordingly, they must be aware of and be inspired to genuine public service, not the PAP brand of paying ministers vulgarly high salaries to attract public servants.

Other political parties including the Young PAP will be invited to the conference. The Conference Co-ordinator is Ms Chee Siok Chin. Those interested should get in touch will the Singapore Democrats on or

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