Don’t just complain! Come do your part for democracy

The countdown to this Saturdays historic event has begun. With barely three days to go, places for the International Youth Conference for Democracy to be held on 26 July 2003 at the Carlton Hotel (76 Bras Basah Road) from 8:30 am to 6 pm are almost completely filled.

If you want to reserve a seat and join us for the buffet lunch, you need to register with us. Just email us your name and well take care of the rest. But if for some reason you dont want to be registered, you can just come to the Esplanade Room and join us.

Whats happening at the conference? Speakers from all over the world will take part in discussions about how youth can become more involved in politics and help in their countries democratization. Former MP and SDP Chairman Ling How Doong will welcome the delegates and participants, Mr J B Jeyaretnam will give the opening address and Dr Chee Soon Juan will deliver the keynote address.

Topics that will be up for discussion include:

* Why democracy and human rights are important in todays world
* People power in the Philippines and Hong Kong
* What it takes to be young and elected
* Is there such a thing as Asian democracy?
* How youth can cooperate internationally to promote democracy

There will also be petitions that will be circulated for participants to sign. One will be to call on the Singapore Government to ratify the international covenants for human rights adopted by the United Nations. The other will be to urge the Burmese military regime to release Aung San Suu Kyi and members of the National League for Democracy.

This is your chance of a lifetime Singaporeans. Never before has such an international event taken place in our oppressed country. The eyes of the world are watching. Come and tell the international community that we want democracy for Singapore just like any other country in the world and the PAP cannot continue to deny us our rights!


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