Singapore conference delegate arrested

A Mongolian member of parliament, Mr.Gundalai, was reported to have been arrested in Ulaanbaatar whilst on his way to the International Youth Conference for Democracy in Singapore.

At around 2 pm at the airport, a group of police officers forcefull pulled Mr Gundalai, 40, from the airplane bound for Seoul. The MP was to spend a day in Seoul with his wife before traveling to Singapore for the conference.

Mr Gundalai was apparently free to leave the airport. He was subsequently arrested when he wnet to his party’s office. It was reported that Mr Gundalai was approached by a group of police officers and after some commotion, during which the MP’s bodyguard was assaulted, Mr Gundalai was taken away to a detention centre and held there.

Mr Gundalai carries the reputation of being one of the most outspoken oppostion MP in the current parliament. He is also the vice-chairman of the Democratic Party of Mongolia.

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