Why is Government silent on East Timor?

The Singapore Government has been disturbingly silent about the deteriorating situation in East Timor. The atrocities and inhumanity must not go on one day longer. Let not the PAP go down in history as a party who watched East Timor burn while it stood by and watched.

The SDP calls on the Singapore Government to do everything within its means to convince its Indonesian counterpart to take urgent and concrete steps to stem the violence and to hand the new sovereign state to the East Timorese people in a peaceful and dignified manner. The Indonesian Government must show to the world that it has the will to ensure East Timor does nor slip further into the abyss.

The SDP also stands in solidarity with all democratic and peace-loving societies in urging the international community to intervene in the crisis. No one needs to be invited to stop murder and crimes committed against humanity. This is not a conflict with complex causes. It is simple, unadorned aggression undertaken by the savage few who have no regard whatsoever for common decency and humanity. Decisive action must be taken and taken now.

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