The problem with Singapore

28 August 2003

We are a people whose sole purpose in life (recommended by PAP Government which promised a Swiss Standard of living) is to have cash, credit card, condominium, car, and country club

Singapore has become so stressful (yet unsucessful) that now:
1. there is an average of one suicide per day
2. marriages are breaking up at record levels, birth rates down to ~1.21
3. CPF must be cut to save jobs, but still there are no more jobs
4. we have an unfriendly, selfish, kiasu, kiasi, kia boh, anti-social people who watch crimes being committed in public and do nothing but watch
5. we have become a people who eagerly VOTE the PAP to gain benefits from the national fund to beautify their own residences (someone said: “Stupid people can be bought, but only fools can be bought with their OWN money.”

A shroud of SADNESS has engulfed this land under the leadership of the PAP
government. The reason is because Singaporeans know nothing about ethics, morality and humanity.

We tried to break a world record by separating the Iranian twins, and the
twins lost their lives during the dangerous and bloody operation.

The point is that Singaporeans are too pragmatic and simplistic, they so often only think of the short term, about surviving today — they leave all the rest of the thinking to the overpaid and complacent PAP government.
It is now that their quality of life has fallen so much that they discover
that they have over trusted the PAP, so much so that Singapore is now not a true democracy.


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