Why blame workers now?

28 August 2003

Wait a minute. Wasn’t it the PAP government’s idea and policy some years back to create a high wage policy in Singapore so that we can go to a higher value-added level of the economic competition with the other low-wage countries?

Wasn’t the wages in countries like China, India, and the other third world countries even lower than those currently prevailing in the respective countries? And we were doing well for a while despite that, were we not?

So why are we blaming high wages in Singapore and low wages in the third world countries for our economic woes now? No, the Government is just giving excuses to try to exonerate themselves from the woes of Singapore. Just like they were blaming our problems on each and every adverse regional and world event that had occurred.

The citizens of Singapore voted the current Government in for those policies and were fooled. Now hopefully, the people, who wield the real power, will wise up to the realities. And hopefully you will adopt a higher and more agressive profile.


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