DPM Tony Tan raised some eyebrows (and not little laughter) when he recently treated us to some little-known information: Singapore’s workers are more expensive than those in the US! Mr Tan had cited a study conducted by PERC or the Political and Economic Risks Consultancy.

This is the same organisation that finds the Singapore Government the most effective one in Asia and that Singapore’s judiciary is the world’s best.

PERC and PAP – what a combination.

Singapore’s Judiciary comes out tops in international rankings and studies
by Joanne Leow

The Singapore’s Legal System has continued to be tops in the world in 2003.

Its quality, adequacy and efficiency have scored top marks in various regional and international studies.

According to PERC, or the Political & Economic Risks Consultancy, Singapore has maintained the top position in Asia for overall integrity and quality of the legal system since 1998.

Japan and Hong Kong were ranked second and third respectively, after the Republic.

Singapore was also ranked number one in a worldwide assessment of legal frameworks conducted by the Swiss-based International Institute for Management Development.

And it also maintained its top ranking in legal framework in a BERI, or Business Environment Risk Intelligence study .

A legal framework reflects the attractiveness of a country’s labour market environment, especially with regards to its labour rules and regulations.

And Singapore was ranked first for the protection of property rights in a US-based Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal study.

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