Remaking or remocking Singapore?

A Young Democrat

The Remaking Singapore Committee was the mother of all PAP promises. It was set up to look into how to…well, remake Singapore. Singaporeans held their breaths and waited for bold changes.

And, by Goh, weve got it!

Now we can all go down to some pub, order a nice beverage and feast our eyes (for guys, at least) on girls doing whatever it is that they do on the top of where they serve you your nice beverage.

After that, if you are still sober or drunk enough, you can jump off some high thingy and be assured that we will not hit the ground because your ankles are tied to rubber bands. Its so liberating! (The law lifting the ban on rubber-band jumping, I mean).

And now be still my heart we can all chew gum again! Sure we have to go the pharmacy and register our names before we can buy the sweet, chewy stuff but, hey, we have to do the same when we want to speak at Speakers Corner, dont we?

So hold your complaints. The people Remaking Singapore are doing their darndest to bring us freedom.

Which reminds me of another committee the Singapore21 Committee. Whatever happened to it? It has been awfully quiet lately.

Maybe its been replaced by the Remaking Singapore one. But I must admit it felt good while it lasted. That S21 vision thing that PM Goh talked about gave me a nice, warm feeling all over, kind of like his Your worries are mine too and My heart is with you spiel. Given the sorry state of our economy, speeches in the Viagra-mold are important.

All right, so its not quite in the class of JFKs Ask not what your country can do for you deal but, hey, this is coming from someone whom our dear SM once described as wooden.

And speaking of wood, the Government has announced that its going to cut our CPF again (I couldnt think of a good transition). What cheek! What audacity! Dont you just hate it when the Government says one thing and then does the exact opposite?

I remember clearly that during the last elections its main concern was Jobs, jobs, jobs. And now…oops, it just occurred to me that maybe we all heard it wrong. Maybe the PAP said: Chops, chops, chops.

Will some committee (the Speak Good English Committee, perhaps) please clarify this?

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