Government intimidates again

Chee Siok Chin

I dont know whether to feel dismayed or incensed about Mr Goh Chok Tongs rebuttal to his own PAP MP about using the word betrayal on his government.

Dismayed because this episode shows so clearly how tightly the hands of the PAP MPs are tied when it comes to speaking up for the people. PM Goh was effectively saying that his MPs ought to sell the Governments decisions to the people – never mind how the people feel.

Shouldnt a spade be called a spade? So much for transparency and openness if the Government cannot handle candour without having to resort to intimidation and derision.

What riles me is that the PM has forgotten that MPs are there to serve the citizens, not just his party. Sadly, and dangerously for Singaporeans, this is the typical mindset of the ruling party. When the Government says stand up for Singapore, what it means is stand up for the PAP!

Tragically, Singaporeans end up paying heavily for this propaganda. What we have in Singapore is a Government that demands to be feared, obeyed and served.

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