Lee Ching Wern’s Today article biased & inadequate

Wee Hong En Clement
July 30, 2003
in Yahoo Singapore news group

Below is a letter rejected by TODAY. See also SDP’s report of TODAY’s coverage of the conference organised by the Young Democrats. (http://www.singaporedemocrat.org/news_display.php?id=313)

I refer to Ms Lee Ching Wern’s article “Teenagers show Dr Chee their Mettle at SDP forum on Democracy” (TODAY, 28 July 2003).

I am puzzled as to why the article seems so slanted against the SDP. In fact, the article seems more poised on putting down the SDP and foreign delegates than actually describing the conference in more detail. Even the title is no exception. the word “mettle” hints at bravado, as if the youth were brave in trying to “outsmart” the SDP.

In fact, I find Ms Chua Ruo Mei’s comments disturbing. Her speech puts her through as an arrogant youth who seems to think that shaming her host is an acceptable action. What of the Asian values that emphasize respect? I feel it would be more appropriate if she had perhaps told Dr Chee of what she felt about him privately.

“She was not to be intimidated… ”

I think she was the one performing the intimidation, not the one being intidimated. Dr Chee was kind enough to let her go. Why is Ms Lee trying to promote her character as one of bravery?

Secondly, the article seems to focus on opinions that are at least mildly anti-opposition. It does not actually make mention any of the content of the conference and people’s comments on the content, which should be the primary focus of the report.

In addition, there does not seem to be any interviewee who supported
the SDP. It is hard for me to believe that this was indeed so. Or has
Ms Lee simply ommitted them “accidentally”?

In conclusion, the article is extremely one-sided and lacks relevant

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