Criticism of Dr Chee baseless

12 September 2003

I refer to Huang’s letter in this website dated 10 October 2002 (see below). Although written so far back, I cannot help but respond to the writer’s baseless criticism of Dr Chee.

Yes, Dr Chee may be gaining fame and reputation as a law-breaking
politician, but then again, it is unfair to say that he is deliberately
trying to build up his reputation as a “fervent democratic fighter”.

I admit that at that point in time when Dr Chee made the comments about Mr Goh Chok Tong and the government’s misuse of $17M, I felt ashamed for the SDP and it’s secretary-general himself. However, if you look deeper into the issue, how else could Dr Chee get his answers for the people? Few of us even knew anything about $17Million, and it is not surprising that Dr Chee was unable to get his facts right because of the PAP’s utmost “transparency”.

All right, if you won’t give Dr Chee the benefit of the doubt on this one, fair enough, look at the other points. Freedom of speech. You have admitted yourself that it is restricted here. To hold an opposition rally, you need to apply for permission. From who? The PAP! Which political party in its right mind will give permission to a rival party to hold a rally?(moreover its the PAP we’re talking about here) So what do you want opposition members to do?

Go to the estates and coffeeshops and shake people’s hands and talk to them about political issues? Its a nice idea, but would it really be feasible? A rally would attract supporters and critics, so isn’t it much better? By the way, they’re illegal because the PAP says so. Not because its not right, but because the PAP says it’s not right.

What we need are radical changes? I suppose you have some better
ideas that would be much more effective than what all our Opposition leaders have? Why don’t you join the SDP or WP or SDA? Maybe Singapore’s political scene might be changed radically. You make it sound so simple. Then why has there been no “radical changes” for the past 30 yrs? Why hasn’t the opposition even risen to power to form the government ONCE after independence?

You call on Dr Chee to repent and wake up. Why don’t you do so first? The opposition in Singapore are trying so hard to make it right for Singapore while people like you who understand nothing shoot your mouth off on the internet. I quote your letter, “not a liar taking issues to the streets illegally, defaming national leaders, and being arrested time and again all in the name of democracy.”

How do you take to the streets legally? How do you voice out opinion about certain government members without being sued for defamation? HOW DO YOU STRIVE FOR DEMOCRACY DEMOCRATICALLY HERE IN SINGAPORE? I believe you should have some answers to that.

I take the chance to salute all Singapore’s oppsition members for not being afraid to step out and make that attempt to make a difference.


No place for Chee in Singapore
10 October 2002

I cannot help but wonder what Dr Chee is trying to prove. Dr Chee is notorious for getting into trouble with the law in his attempts to ‘bring democracy to singapore’. What it seems to me and many Singaporeans is that Dr Chee is more concern about building up his own fame and reputation as being seen as a fervent democratic fighter on the pretext of bringing democracy in Singapore.

Can a politician who gets into trouble with the law time and again gain respect from the public? Or can one, who for the sake of gaining votes in the elections defame the prime minister and deceive the public by telling a downright malicious lie about a 17 billion dollars loan and apologises the next minute about it expect to gain the support of the people and get into parliament. Where is your credibility and integrity Dr Chee?

Although Dr Chee can argue that in our society, freedom of speech is restricted, (which I agree completely) and the only way he can get his message across is through illegally-held speeches and rallys, the question I have is how successful has his attempts been? What I see is a man getting into trouble with the law time and again, marring his own reputation, being on the verge of bankruptcy and yet with contributions no more than any other opposition members in the past decade in the political scene.

What we need are changes, radical changes to our country’s system, not a liar taking issues to the streets illegally, defaming national leaders, and being arrested time and again all in the name of democracy. Dr Chee, perhaps you should wake up and repent of what you are and have been doing. Otherwise, Singapore has no place for you and you know that better than anyone else.

D. Huang

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