PAP “Dialogue”

12 September 2003

Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong and his cabinet colleagues held their third and final dialogue with 1,800 community leaders at Kallang Theatre on Tuesday. Among the questions asked was whether the governments Cut Waste Panel might consider cutting ministerial salaries. Haha…good question!
Lets see how he answers: But Mr Goh said harping on this emotional issue would only distract Singaporeans from the bigger issue of economic recovery. So NO cut in his paycheck…Now he tells us not to harp on it. Trying to taichi & siam the simple question! Do we need such leaders? Other ministers then rose to defend this point. Collective leadership in supporting paycheck.

Then about 10 people said government cost too much money, should cut starting with ministers. Is not this the voice of the people? Lets see how our future PM answer: If only it were so simple, if you could solve your problem by doing that, we would have done so years ago, but you cant. So in other words, he is trying to tell you that even by cutting his pay, you folks would still have to bear the GST hikes, CPF cut, bus fare hikes, utilities hike, everything hikes coz it is not going to save much?

That is not all, that ACS guy had this to say: Dr Ng Eng Hen, Acting Manpower Minister, said: I can say this with a clear conscience because I have been in the private sector and come in to government, and I will tell you squarely in the face that youre getting a bargain for the ministers you get. What a bargain for paying TOP dollars, more expansive than Bush, Hu, Blair combined salaries?

Why do we have a cock up economy for the past few years? You pay top dollar for a rotten apple and they tell you it is a bargain?
I worked half as much and earn five times more when I was in the private sector and no one grumbled. If you like money so much, then go & be your doctor!

Show me any other system that is as efficient, as clean, as transparent and I will sit with you and we can debate it. Hey, CSJ & JBJ will sure jump at this! Does he dare to invite them? Or can the minister only debate in front of his supporters?


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