Kudos to CSJ

20 October 2003

I am writing this mail in hope that it can be routed to Dr Chee. I just wish to express my respect for him and the party and for the cause which you are fighting against.

I may be a mere civilian but having gone through the past years of finally realizing the hood that our “beloved” government has place upon our eyes, looking at the people of Singapore going from poor to poorer, I am truly sadden by such sights.

I just hope that Dr Chee knows that he is not alone in this. He’s sacrificed for the freedom of Singapore has truly touched myself and I hope and pray that he will be blessed with the strength of a thousand to fight on.

I for one know that I will never vote for our “beloved” garmen, (pardon my singlish) and will always despise them. I hope one day Dr Chee will be able to enjoy the fruits of his labour.

Do pardon my sudden mail to you but it is a heartfelt emotion that I am expressing. Once again, thank you Dr Chee and party for the sacrifice you’ve made for our rights. Kudos to you!


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