Fully supportive of SDP

31 October 2003

This is just a quick email to say that I think you are doing a good job and that I hope you do well in the next elections. I know it must be an uphill struggle as an opposition party in Singapore, but I fully support your ideas and strength in pushing them through. I have not lived in Singapore since 1997 and am currently based in the UK. I have spent only a few weeks a year in Singapore visiting my family, but bought a copy of The New Democrat two days ago and this is the first I have heard of an opposition vocalising itself, what more with ideas that I have been harbouring for years, that I have only managed to throw across at Singaporean friends in “coffee-shop discussion” the little time I now spend in Singapore each year. Unfortunately, I do not have citizenship in Singapore (despite being born here and having spent the first 17 years of my life living here and being educated here!!! Another one of my issues with this country…), or else I would vote for the SDP in a flash. Keep up the good work.


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