Not a land of hopes and dreams…

31 October 2003

Dear Warriors,

My heart bleeds when most Singaporeans think only about money and are so scared that they only keep quiet. As a young Singaporean, 25, I feel that life can be so meaningless living here in Singapore. But this is my home, but we can never voice out to our super power government PAP as they keep changing for their own needs and benefits. I am angry that there is nothing we can do! The grandmother is right, the government is driving us all mad and making some kill ourselves.

It has been a real misery to grow up and learning to live life here. Everything is so expensive, while salary is so low. If you are a young grad from poly, you only about $1500 (probably less now!), then you have to pay CPF, tax, etc. Also pay your transportation (all public transport should be free! We paid for it already!).

If you want to start a family, you have to buy from HDB, and from then on, you owe them and you have to work like a dog to pay your mortgage for the next 20-30 years. At the end of the day, all the money that you work so hard for goes to the government! I think we are slaves to the government, there is no freedom with our lives…everything belongs to the government.

The government can be so ridiculous. They encourage people to get married young (how can they do that when they earn so little?!), encourage people to give birth to more children (in such an unfair and expensive country?), encourage people to take care of their parents (when public housing is so small, and expensive; 2 children, 2 old parents, a couple = 6 people?! New HDB is getting smaller and more expensive!)

i think we should all plan to die young rather than plan for retirement, because it is very difficult to save and never be rich…(it is already hard to live a little more comfortably).

This country is run by people who want to suck all of us dry! We are not citizens, we are the slaves of Singapore.

A bleeding heart and a dying soul…


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