Singaporeans have been brainwashed

17 November 2003

Dear Dr Chee,

As a typical Singaporean I am always intrigued by pornography, perhaps because we have been oppressed so much politically and sexually! So when I received your last email that had a link to your old website with pornography on it, naturally, I had to take a look.

In any case, don’t be so agitated about the pornography – if you ask me it reflects worse on the PAP that they can complacently stand by and do nothing while being the highest paid in the world. A correction: they make laws that infringe on our privacy and basic human rights and lamely try to cover it up as an act that is necessary to the security of our nation. Surely anyone with half a brain would be laughing their butts together with us!

Unfortunately, due to our lousy educational system that spawns clones with no brains to think for themselves, we are stuck with youths who even dare challenge you publicly after making laughable statements such as “I don’t think Singaporeans are ready for a democracy”.

These youths may be applauded and championed by our equally useless and ball-carrying media, but instead of getting all uptight we need to see the real problem behind such thinking. Horror of horrors! A crack in the fabric reveals to us exactly how ignorant and brainwashed our youth are! (And they’re becoming just as complacent as someone I can think of who can’t seem to admit his mistakes, or accept anybody else’s views.)

In any case, kudos to you for your patience, I am sure even Job would take his hat off you. Soldier on with my support.


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