ARDA to push for democracy in Asia

Apart from the public forum on Burma this Sunday, invited delegates and participants will meet on December 8, 2003 to chart the future of the Alliance for Reform and Democracy in Asia (ARDA). ARDA was formed in 2000 by a group of leading Asian democrats to promote human rights and to encourage democratic reforms in Asia.

Among some of the issues that will be discussed at the meeting will be the setting up of ARDAs secretariat and the appointment of an executive director. Importantly, various programs and activities both at the regional and local levels will also be planned to further raise the awareness of the human rights among Asian peoples and to promote democratic reforms in the region, including Singapore.

Democrats across Asia must come together to make their voices heard, said Dr Chee Soon Juan, ARDAs chairman. If unity is strength then democrats and reformers cannot afford to remain isolated if their struggles for freedom.

Sharing Dr Chees views is Malaysias Parti Keadilan Vice-President Tian Chua: The violations of civil rights and democratic practices have been very widespread in Asia. This conference will provide an avenue for democratic activists in this region to exchange their views and cooperate in order to promote democratic transformation.

Singaporeans are encouraged to attend the public forum at the Le Meridien Hotel on Sunday, December 7, at 2pm to interact with ARDA members and invited delegates. Admission is free.

Remember, we are not alone in our struggle for democracy against the PAP.