Democrats on right track

30 January 2004

Hi Democrats,

I quite surprise to read Dr Chee comments on our death penalty in Lianhe Zaobao. After ten years of hard work, Dr Chee and party finally see some light under the tunnel, but i hope/believe it’s not the train coming… t’s true that our media is now going to open up, though it’s still far from what we need.

Bravo, SDP!

But I hope SDP can be more focus in which constituency to be your targeted area. Frankly speaking, I don’t think SDP can win any seat either in single seat or GRC in the next election. But I believe SDP will be do much better after next. As long as SDP is on the right track, I believe you will achieve what you want, one day.

FYI, I’m the active member of another opposition camp, so I’m not those only talk the walk instead of walk the talk. Thanks.


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