Did you know Lim Boon Heng sits on SIA Board?

5 March 2004

CNA reported on 26 February 2004 that “The Government also made public a note from NTUCs Secretary-General Lim Boon Heng on how he sees SIA’s troubled labour relations.”

Until now the reporters still don’t want to tell the whole world that that Lim dude, who is head of NTUC, is also part-time in the SIA management [SIA’s Board of Directors]! In other words, NTUC = SIA management if this dude is around!

The report also said: “The airline pilots’ union is not affliated to the NTUC, so Mr Lim took pains to explain the approach taken by NTUC unions – stressing that the key is fair play and mutual trust.”

Fair play = NTUC chief sitting on SIA management which makes all SIA staff unhappy & low morale?

“In his note, Mr Lim wrote that the best help that the unions can give a worker is to get him a job.”

Of course! By paying him peanuts & then charge him WORLD CLASS fees! Coz SIA management = NTUC Chief = PMO minister!

“NTUC, he said, does not seek gains for workers by confrontation.”

That shows why workers have no rights in this land!

“As for the airlines management, he said while he did not want to micro-manage the issues, he noted that SIA’s medical benefits were unsustainable and did not follow the Governments co-payment guidelines.”

WORLD CLASS medical fees imposed by papayas mah – due to high land costs etc.

“SIA’s management says it will make its position known in due course.”

Come on, lah, media. SIA management = NTUC chief, why not come clean in the first place!


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