SDP blasts Govt about pilot’s PR revocation

The revocation of Captain Ryan Gohs permanent residence status brings the PAPs infamy for vindictiveness and pettiness to a new low. The pilot was well within his rights as a member of the Alpa-S to do whatever he could to influence the decision-making process of the union.

Whether he is a Singaporean or not, has a house in Perth or not, or has sold his HDB flat for a profit or not is no business of Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his ministers. What matters is whether Mr Ryan Goh acted within the parameters of his role as a member of the pilots union.

Will the Government tell Singaporeans whether Captain Goh has trespassed any law in Singapore or was his offence merely one in which he crossed the Senior Minister? What are the deeds or misdeeds of the Mr Goh that led the Government to say that he is an undesirable immigrant?

Should the mere fact that he is only a Singaporean PR but having a say on issues affecting Singaporeans matter? If it does, then what about the foreigners (who may not even have PR status) who sit on the board of the National Wages Council to determine the wage levels of workers in Singapore? Does the hypocrisy even occur in the mind of the Government or has PAP become so callous through all these years of having no opposition to challenge its unjust ways?

Not only have the authorities not have the guts to tell Singaporeans the real facts but it now absurdly asserts that the pilots (PR) status does not have anything to do with his role in last years ouster of the pilot unions executive committee. Singaporeans may have been silenced. But they are not dumb. The day will come when the voices of the people will be heard and the PAP will have much to account for.

It is inconceivable that in this present time when Singaporeans need to think independently (and yes, this includes disagreeing with the PAP Government) and act on ones belief, the Government remains so pig-headed and resorts to petty nit-picking and personal vendettas. This will no doubt intimidate Singaporeans even more, if that is possible, and give the PAP yet more control but it will drive another nail into the coffin that carries the entrepreneurial can-do spirit of the country.

The PAP would do well to remember the old adage: You reap what you sow.

Chee Soon Juan
Singapore Democratic Party

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