We need to persevere for democracy

2 July 2004

Dear Dr Chee,

Having read your book, Your future, my faith, our freedom’, I must say that you are a bigger patriot of Singapore then I previously thought. In fact, it would be no exaggeration to say that no one loves Singapore more than you.

To go through the crap that PAP put you through and still emerge fighting for what you think is right (me too), deserves great commendation.

I just want to tell you that although your struggle is far from complete, u can take strength from the fact that great democracy advocates from the era of the American war of Independence and French Revolution had to fight their PAP-like oppressors but it is only with the support of the great masses that they did so.

Having said that, and owing to the fact that it is difficult to publicly get across SDPs ideas, I suggest that SDP get down to serious work in setting up a young democrats wing, which has been suggested in your website but not seen active progress.

Like the SDP has suggested, revolutionary actions can stem from an educated base of young people who can see that the current government is leading them to self-destruction. As a young man about to step into the world that the PAP has carved out, I want to be part of a movement which Im sure many other young and misguided Singaporeans would gladly join.

Knowing that the SDP is not the only online party that provides alternate viewpoints on our society and being impossible in itself to be the only voice of disgruntled Singaporeans, may I know which other websites can I read about the mismanaging antics of the PAP and its related subsidiaries?

Lastly, where could I get the previous 4 books written by you? Bookshops dont seem to carry them for obvious reasons already mentioned in your latest book. Or is ‘Your future, my faith, our freedom’ the latest book? Is there another one in writing now?

Once again I’d like to thank you, Dr Chee, for persevering in your fight for democracy in Singapore. Where lesser men would have given up long ago, you have stood up against the autocrats time and again. Thank you for letting the international community know that democracy advocates in Singapore are not dead.


SDP: Dear Mr Yong,

Thank you for your support and encouragement. We know that there is a significant portion of the population that just about had it with four decades of one-party rule where the PAP talks and Singaporeans listen. Like you, they want to see Singapore graduate into a democratic state where justice and equality can truly prevail (see other letters here).

This is not an impossible goal. It can come about if each and every one of us who feels strongly about freedom and democracy in Singapore take the step of becoming actively involved. Many young Singaporeans have joined us as SDPs Young Democrats and have helped to organise international conferences for youth in Singapore.

The movement is nascent but, make no mistake about it, it is growing.

Singapore belongs to Singaporeans, not the PAP. Come and do your part to reclaim our country.

PS. Websites providing alternative views are found on the front page of this website. Also, Dr Chees latest book is Your Future, My Faith, Our Freedom. He is currently working on another book due to be out in 2005.

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