Game, set, and match to PAP!

31 July 2004

To Dr Chee and all deluded Singaporeans,

Please allow me to air my frustrations at the PAP Government and please disseminate this message to as many people as possible.

Lets talk about tennis and to use it to a describe political strategy employed by PAP to win the game. You step into the court and to your horror the Umpire announces the rules:-

1. You are not allowed to Serve.
2. You are only allowed to defend, not attack. You shall be punished if when you play an attacking game.
3. Later the Rules suddenly change. Now you are told that you can attack but only on a one square-foot corner of the court called The Speakers Freak Show Corner, but you will be fined if you try to attack elsewhere on the court.
4. You are only allowed a small Table-Tennis racquet (sorry should be call bat) to hit the tennis ball, whereas you opponent is using the latest ultra-light and powerful Tennis racquet.
5. Your opponents take health supplements. As for you, you cant even afford or not allowed to take anything else except plain bread and water. Furthermore, the bread looks nice and beautiful but tastes bitter and difficult to swallow.

As you play on for 2 hrs, you feel extremely tired and thirsty. The Umpire hands you a black bottled drink, and you say thanks to him without thinking. Later you discover that while your energetic opponent is allowed to drink the whole 1000cc bottle of water, there is only 10 ml in yours. But you still manage to survive, so the Law says its justifiable.

Flabbergasted, you argue with the Umpire.

Citizen: Hey, I cant serve and why I cant even attack? It is not fair!

Umpire: Attacking is consider uncivilized, irritating and will create
social unrest and affect law and order.

Citizen: How ridiculous! Then how am I going to play?

Umpire: Say further and you will be charged with contempt!

Citizen: I see, nevermind, but can you please explain why are you doing this to me, Mr Umpire?

Umpire: It can be seen in other countries that if you are allowed the same liberty as your opponent (who is a Scholar, ruling party member and hence a superior being), you will create more problems for people, you will keep blaming the government but yourselves, creating suffering for the people.

Citizen: Huh? You mean by just observing other countries and making assumptions, you claim that it will not work in Singapore? By just writing a scholarly looking paper, you are able to ascertain that it cannot work? Lets be fair here, why not we give it a try, modifying it to suit our local culture and norms. Perhaps it can work out?

Umpire: No.


Umpire: I think I have made myself quite clear already. No means no! Oh yes, you are thereby fined $1,500 for talking back.

You are told that this is the only way to learn the game and constantly bombarded with loud brain-washing messages that never apologize for wrong policies but rather talks on one side of the coin all the time. All this is controlled by SPH, which is again owned by PAP. You find a microphone and want to shout back but discover that it is a one way radio.

Will you lose the game?

Of course! But do you have a choice?


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