Do Not Bow to Dictatocracy

24 September 2004

The PAP government is up to its wily ways again in its renewed legal attack on Dr Chee. It is clear that the PAP, knowing full well that Dr Chee will be away for a conference, deliberately called for the court hearing. This is the usual run of the mill legal entrapment tactic of the PAP which is not surprising at all.

This vindictive attempt to malign the SDP and Dr Chee surely runs contrary to the vision of hope which the new PM so sweetly sold to Singaporeans barely a month ago. It is clear that nothing has changed. The PAP will still resort to such detestable legal trickery to ensure its dictatocracy.

I sincerely urge all Singaporeans to stand behind Dr Chee and put their support behind him, the SDP and the regional democracy organisations that he leads. More should be done to let Singaporeans be exposed to
regional groups like ARDA. Is there a ARDA office which Singaporeans can sign in their support? Let us test the so called winds of change which the new PM “promised” and see whether it is just winds of hot air.

To all Singaporeas : do not bow to DICTATOCRACY!


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