Singaporeans must shout out loud

24 September 2004

Dear Citizens of Singapore,

Do not be deluded by the ST. It is natural for someone who rules Singapore with an iron fist to be fuming over CSJ letting the world know about domestic politics. It is because he doesnt want the foreigners to know his oppressive ways.

Hence, it is not an alarming thought to suspect this Person is summarily maneuvering Singaporeans to think that CSJ’s agenda is to be in cahoots with foreigners against Singapore.

PAP’s many oppressive policies against the oppositions have brilliantly achieved its objectives of bringing out the worst in opposition parties and portraying them as a nuisance to the public. CSJ was portrayed as a liar and political gangster. Jeyaretnam was squashed like a fly through a series of unfair defamation suits. The same goes for countless other victims through PAPs legal means.

And because PAP rigidly engineered this oppressive process, no one dares to challenge PAP openly, unless someone with a stronger character and intellect is willing to sacrifice at a high price. It is either YOU REMAIN SILENT OR YOU MUST SHOUT.

History has shown that a soft stance with PAP has and will never ever wake up the public that has so much trusted PAP’s ‘brilliant’ policies for so long. For CSJ’s case, its similar to PAP beating and tying him up, then say Ha ha, stupid fool, you cannot catch me, you cannot catch me, HAHA”. Sounds familiar?

I can’t help but agree with many foreigners who mentioned that we have a freakish government that wants us to think, eat and sleep rationally all the time.

Nevertheless, living in S’pore under PAP is like being forced to marry the wrong wife. Everyone in the household is afraid of her and has to tolerate her nonsense.

Imagine after many years of constant abuse by her and whenever there is a quarrel, she set rules that you are not allowed to talk back as she dictates being right all the time and never apologises and always give excuses when things go wrong. You must follow her every rule or else you will be fined until you are made bankrupt. The situation is hopeless as she will never change. You became very sad, miserable with a sour-face every time. You cannot take it anymore and as nobody at ‘home’ dares to do anything, the only way to air your frustrations is to share with your friends on what is happening at ‘home’, seek advice and let them know whenever she does unreasonable things to you. There is nothing morally wrong in doing that.

In the States whereby there is freedom of speech, people are allowed to let anyone or anybody in the world knows their leader’s nonsense and wrongdoings. There are many Anti-Gov papers, speeches, talk shows and opposition TV channels to view and let people see the other side of the coin. It encourages such a culture to CRITICISE THE GOVERNMENT IN ORDER TO MAKE THEM IMPROVE AND WORK AROUND POLICIES INSTEAD OF TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT – restrictions, fines and more fines.

(Of course there are still restrictions on the mainstream media to restrict some content to certain hours or censor those images that will endanger public morale and safety. However, PAPs definition of such restrictions is clearly freakish and ridiculous.)

I was in the States from July to August in 2003 and thoroughly enjoyed those controversial TV channels. When I went to Taipei in Nov last year, it is similar, but with more spice – they are in Hokkien. This happened during the early preparations for their president’s election. Especially those that make fun of the Government’s ministers that can make one roll on the floor laughing.

There are also “Live” debates on TV whereby government ministers are queried by citizens, with some being whacked left-right-centre by the opposition.

Note : On a deeper thought, despite that fact that oppositions and citizens are deriding the government and putting them in such a bad light – it is a good thing as many of those policies and changes centered on creating more happiness for the people to provide alternative views to the Government to force them to see in different light.

Unlike here that only has PAP Light who have been using this their robotic style to groom new ministers.

In S’pore, we have a unique situation – in order to perhaps cover up their and wrong policies, PAP says that you are only allowed to speak up in one corner so that only a small powerless minority will know and not able to influence the election outcome. No microphone is allowed, citizens have to shout until they have sore throat, no raising of fists is allowed when LKY have raised his fists during his many election speeches.

Is it a Speaker’s Corner or Freak Show corner?


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