SDP should be friendlier to PAP

28 September 2004

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I’m a 16-year-old student currently studying in Singapore Polytechnic. Since young, I’ve always been concerned about Singapore’s future and whether it can compete with other countries especially China and India.

I believe the Singapore Democratic Party, SDP, has it own potential of getting more seats in the Parliament. Its just that SDP must be able to change its ideology of having an aggressive attitude towards the ruling party which is PAP. PAP has been a ruling party for a long time since Singapore become independent therefore in Singaporeans’ minds and hearts, their only choice is PAP as they manage to make Singapore a miracle and prosperous for so many years. It has also made Singapore recognised by the world. Now, most Singaporeans are educated people, therefore their minds are clearer and eyes are sharper.

Therefore I believe that for SDP to prosper and progress, SDP should be friendly towards PAP and give more attention to the public. PAP is a strong and progressive party, it is impossible to ruin PAP externally. Therefore in order to ruin PAP, the wise and better way is to have internal problem. In order to do that, PAP should have fewer enemies. The more enemies, the more they unite. The less the enemies, the organisation will have more and bigger conflict as humans are tend to be greedy.

I believe that SDP should have a positive attitude towards politics and the public. It is better to accept the enemy gracefully to let them put down their guard.

I hope that Singapore will able to prosper and progress more with more parties in the parliament.

Thank you.


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