LKY cannot survive in US politics

11 October 2004

A prime minister who has brought his city-nation from a third rate backwater of British Colonialism like Lee Kuan-Yew has, naturally has a lot of influence.

Surely thinking Singaporeans and others in Asia cannot just believe that the LKY-model is the panacea for all their internal geo-econo-political problems!

Since Mr. Lee’s ascendancy to power, a great number of gallons of water has passed under the Clifford Pier! But much as he doesn’t like to acknowledge, the USA is not socially decaying. It’s a top economic and military nation with free institutions of politics that are constantly undergoing reform.

The USA with its state legislatures and governance have had mixed results on the social safety net, a central issue of this current Presdential Campaign. Senator John Kerry of the Massachusetts is championing for more benefits and safety nets for lower and middle class Americans who make $200K p.a. and less. The sitting President is the otherway, and thinks that Iraq oil and gas will save USA.

There are no defamation suits in US elections. Debates may at times be personal or fringe on the frivilous, yet the law takes the view of unrestricted liberty of discourse.

Mr Lee and his friends, all great guardians of the Singapore Model will not survive the robust and vibrant debates of US elections.

US has more Nobel Prize Winners than any other country. Surely this is liberty and freedom pursuing scholarly research at their best. Scientific discoveries cannot be purchased.