Opposition just a pest

11 October 2004


I’m a 21 yr male currently studying in NUS.

It occurs to me that the opposition in Singapore, to a large extent, fails to focus on major issues and acts like a “pest” critizing small and meaningless matters which most citizens do not bother with. In an attempt to discredit PAP. The opposition fails to learn to draw the line between being objective and subjective. Sometimes being even personal.

It seems like the aim of the opposition is to attack everything that the government says, even though it might be obviously good. Failing in their attempt to give a concrete and constructive challenge which we citizens seek to see.

The Democrats fail to let the citizen see a constructive challenge in any issues at all. Thus the lack of support. Concerns for citizens are not seen. Articles on the home page prove to be insignificant to a lot of us, maybe only a few are relevant.

Let’s face reality: Why are the Democrats trying to discredit the government when they have proved themselves capable, even with mistakes, citizens will be able to accommondate, coz they prove they can retiry the problem.

How about Opposition? Have they proved themselves yet? Only prove to be a pest on trying to discredit the government all the time? Is enough done to publishlise your ideas?

Let’s put aside the problem about media refuse to help. If there’s a problem, solve it then, don’t complain. It only show how weak you are. Have you actively reach out to the masses? Who knows of your website, activities or events if there is any? Are you active all the time or just elections?

I’m not discouraging the existance of an oppostion in Singapore, in fact, I value the presence of an opposition, which might one day provide an alternative leadership. I hope my points prove to be valuable to the oppostion and may see a difference in the future.


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