Stay out of China-Taiwan relations

11 October 2004

Dear Citizens of Singapore,

We have these two special squad ministers who have no solutions to the Cross-Straits issue, disregarding Chinas opposition for that fateful visit and showing no Empathy for the Taiwanese citizen’s feelings.

Which Taiwanese citizen is so free to want a war with China? The present situation has clearly developed from Taiwan’s deep-seated helplessness, hatred of China and their hostile stand, employing troops near the border, aiming missiles, threatening Taiwan countless times and not allowing them to be independent.

Any Tom, Dick and Harry in S’pore or any part of the world can say this about the Taiwan-China relations. Oh please dont quarrel, be careful, china is a huge market, Taiwan should be careful and should not press for independence, or else they will have to suffer grave consequences, bla bla, bla…”

Yes, Taiwan rightfully belongs to China – yeah and so was S’pore to the British and the Federation of Malaya from 1963 to 1965.

Now PAP should firstly ask themselves what if the British refused to de-colonize Singapore? How will Singaporeans feel if Malaysia threatens us and warns us not to go for independence in 1965? What if Malaysia only allowed us to have self-ruling, but still attached a “Federation of Malaya” or F.O.M.? What if Malaysia constantly threatens us, boycott, amassed mass soldiers and missiles along the border since 1965?

Its sad to have ministers, BGs, PM, MM oppress citizens using unreasonable restrictions and fines to create sour, sarcastic and rude faces everywhere among Singaporeans. They force us to accept that theirs is “The way, the Truth and the Life”.

Both China and Taiwan can smell our Government’s insincerity, stupidity and selfishness in official statements – If BG Yeo and PM is sincere and want to “advise” Taiwan, they must first have empathy. Dont try to act smart, and stop talking only about grave consequence that will affect the region’s peace and economy which sounds like the Singapore Government is only interested in Singapore’s GDP – money, money, money.

Taiwan has long been playing a cat-and-mouse game with China, in order to delay the war. It is their game, it’s the game between Taiwan and China, they have been playing it for years and only they know how well it should carry on.

We as outsiders should never interfere with their domestic politics and getting scolded. Or else it will be Singapore, not China or Taiwan, who will suffer grave consequences.


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